A detox footbath operates through a process called electrolysis. This is done by generating the proper amount of DC current in the footbath water causing the molecules of H2O to divide, producing negative and positive charged particles. These charged particles are called ions. Once the negative ions are present in the water, the body absorbs these ions through the process called osmosis.

Osmosis is the method in which charged particles can pass through a membrane from higher concentration. In other words, this is the method in which the ions in your body may become equalized when exposed to an ionic footbath.

Basically, the array goes into the water with the feet, and the power supply delivers a small amount of direct current into the array. When used for the feet , this array in a container of water is the ionic footbath The electrical charge causes the molecules of the metals with in the array, in combination with the water and the other elements in the water, to divide thus generating positive and negative ions. This also produces small amounts of oxygen and hydrogen to be released into the air. When experiencing the detox footbath, you will see the water change color as the electrical current, water, and magnetic field interact.

The ionic footbath is perfectly safe to do up to 3 times a week, although, most people choose to come once a week, or every other week.
* One Session.............$40
*3 session package ...$110
*6 session package....$200
Prices subject to change due to increase pricing of products
(foot massage with Young Living essential oils included in Ionic Footbaths)

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