30 Minute Massage...$35
60 Minute Massage...$60
                       90 Minute Massage...$90

Foot Treatments ... $25
$20 when added to a massage session. A 20 minute treatment consisting of a Epson Salt & aromatherapy foot soak with an exfoliating sugar scrub, hydrating mask, hot towels and finished with a foot massage. 

Sugar/Salt Scrubs ... $55
45 minute full body treatment using organic sugar or dead sea salt to exfoliate the skin. Taken off with hot towels and finished with a body butter to replenish the skin 

Salt/ Scrub with 60 Minute Massage ... $80
Same treatment as above, but finished with a full body massage

Mud Body Wraps ... $80
You can choose from a detoxing mud wrap or a hydrating wrap. The body is exfoliate and then coated with a mud. Wrapped for warmth, taken off with hot towels, then finished with a light massage.

Hot Stone Massage ... $80
Heated stones are placed on the body as well as used to massage the muscles.

Deep Stretching... $35 (30 Minutes Area Specific)
                              $60  (Hour Fullbody)
 This treatment is only done by Diana Summers, LMT. This is passive stretching preformed by LMT. Client needs to be clothed.